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I traded my degree for a dream
Some people think I'm crazy
What the world thinks doesn't seem to matter much lately
Chasing down the vision like I made it
Race ideas across the pavement
I just hope that I can pace it
So we wait and arrange patiently
This music trying to embrace
Trace a new path instead of finding
Other artists to replace
Cus how can you change the game
If you're not grinding? Find a new lane
People wasting time making the same damn lame thing
I wake the sun up early mornings late nights
I was raised making music now I blaze sh** daily
This is the realest of the real
Must be dead if you can't feel this
Got a soul stomping on my chest so after death
When I lay to rest on the record
All these words they can still live
My dreams been a blank check
About to fill it in
No ego screaming RIP to the beats
While we rippin intelligent poetry
The rest of the world sleeps
Flowing prose forget the cons
Better let em go free
I never had a feeling so deep in my soul believed
Better let em go free
Better hope my feet can carry me

Jumping to the other side
Two shots of that enterprise
Realizing synthesizing its alright its alright its alright

New rays put a move on
Top back with the roof gone
Smooth tracks in the cell phone
Fresh prince of the ring tone
Its that silky silver screen life
Like I'm driving trying to find a new scene right
Director's cut first edition
We live it platinum mint condition
Blue chrome on the freeway
Gold enzo prepaid
So roll out that red and wear that watch like ivory

Jumping to the other side
Two shots of that enterprise
Realizing synthesizing its alright its alright its alright
Jumping to the other side
(I can't stand I keep falling)
Two shots of that enterprise
(Will I land back on solid)
Realizing synthesizing
(I can't stand I keep falling)
(Will I land back on solid ground)

If people tell me that my music's just a fantasy
Its clear that they don't know a single thing about me
From day one we've been the dreams undoubtedly
And now the sound flows loud and free
I'm reaching the four corners of the earth
Blew by my last chance to return see
Rewind is not an option
Atlas held the world but I won't be the one to drop it

Because I can't stand
Try to feel something
The king of this land
Ain't telling me nothing, nothing at all
Nothing at all

Jumping to the other side
Lead me to that paradise
Realize synthesize

We are we are one with the music
We are we are one don't lose it now
Don't lose it now
And I feel like I'm falling down
I look up and see stars
(Tread the waters of the night)
Cosmic fires breathing light
(Bend the colors, untie the white)
Blue mountainside
Dream titans arising and bringing the songs to life
We are we are one with the music
We are so far along can't lose it now
Can't lose it now, now

Let the crowd dream with me
I was made in the lab truth first
Talkin I was bred for the concerts mosh pit monster
Another beat's nightmare sponsor
Took the fight from the dark night
Boxed him up and locked it
See five rings on a mountainside
Doubled up adrenaline running to the saturated sky
Aphrodite finds me, she reminds me
Music's been the love of a lifetime
Phonetic fine wine glass tears cried down from the heavens
As poetic rhymes shine on the skyline
Apollo's all smiles he was watching
As the ride touched down on the 11th flight
But the ghost of Helios sighs
Cus he knows the we own the light I'm saying
The ghost of Helios dies
Cus Olympus is ours tonight
I'm talking siege of the dream killers
Screamin at Athena
Pour these feelings on the track unfiltered
Welcome to the new scheme surge
Carry spears of ideas and so many came before
But we still first
Chariots from the fire shaped by the desire
Making titans come alive with a skilled verse
This arena is a stage, these words carry weight
Elevate tell fate that it can move or burn
Cus tonight we rise


from The Nightcap EP, released August 27, 2013
Music production, vocals, songwriting, mixing: JDK and Rey
Mastering: Dave Feeny



all rights reserved


JDK and Rey Ann Arbor, Michigan

After football goes down, music gets turned up.

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