Ichabod Shade

from by JDK and Rey



Empty school bus
Yellow faded through
Pushin mp3s wearing
Newly laced loose shoes
Flying straight across the neighborhood
Right into the living room
Maybe he could beat the sun
Be the knight coming soon
Screens are what he's dreaming of
Movie stunts seen a few
Imagined all these people sayin
"Son, this town needs you" (Deep voice)
Yeah, be a superman sequel
Nah, create his own hero, peaceful
Steady shooting words strong verbs
Smooth as he surfs on the sentences
Strolls into the evil
The world's quiet but his mind's alive
The light's silent but the darkness thrives
Crime rises in the world he made
Here to save the day he's Ichabod Shade

These faded empty street lights
Callin me wonder if I'll listen
Letters on the concrete envisioned
Subtract the safe paint, write over the wrongs
By addition maybe I can pay the difference
Cus these waves make shades of grey
Sound is color, and this color its my job to spray
Drums, keys, guitars, dark nights, stars
All the heroes sound the same
So maybe the villain's what I was made to play
The normal words getting failing grades
So a mural is what I make so I can change
Music's wayward way
Use a shadow as my frame
As I create a smooth sharp refrain
I hope they hear me, I'll make em hear me
Let my words speak what I would say
So I can tell em that somebody's
Reaching high into outer space
Not content to stay contained
Molds were made to break
So let the sun set on cosigns
And shine on the day


Lil Shade drew shapes on a wall 10 feet tall
And they spelled out his song but he wasn't done
Cus he waited all day for the moonlight to come
So he's gonna stay till the day breaks in the morning
Till the day wakes in the morning, morning
Lately he's found a friend in his words
Chasing paper planes through the classroom
Scribbles on the walls of the bathroom stalls
Cus he just can't wait to be heard
And look at what he's done now
Made a message on the blacktop
And he can't stop it
And he won't stop it
Cus his haunted soul only knows gold
A beautiful, a beautiful vinyl overdose


from The Nightcap EP, released August 27, 2013
Music production, vocals, songwriting, mixing: JDK and Rey
Mastering: Dave Feeny



all rights reserved


JDK and Rey Ann Arbor, Michigan

After football goes down, music gets turned up.

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